Develop an innovative business : become an franchisee

Become a leader in virtual tours. Give yourself the freedom of enterprise with the security of an established and respected brand.

Member of the easy group of which easyJet is a part.

Our franchise is made for you if :

You can't take the metro anymore, work, sleep.

Embrace a dynamic professional life and make each day a new adventure, far from routine.​

You want to achieve financial freedom.

Enjoy higher earning potential and a rewarding career where every effort really counts.

You often feel alone.

Join a close-knit community of franchisees where collaboration rhymes with sharing.​​

You really want to be an entrepreneur.

Embark on this wonderful adventure and enjoy all the advantages of entrepreneurship with constant support.

Looking for an inexpensive project.

Join a close-knit community of franchisees where collaboration rhymes with sharing.​​

Partners you can count on :

Don't depend on anyone anymore

Become your own boss offers you the opportunity to escape the daily routine with a flexible and independent career, where you are in control of your schedule and your professional choices.


Develop yourself

Maximize your earning potential​​​

At, your hard work translates into financial results. Benefit from a dynamic income structure that rewards your performance and commitment.


Surround yourself

Join a community of committed franchisees​​

Join the private circle of franchisees and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, ready to help each other conquer the virtual tour market together.


An ultra powerful brand

Become unforgettable from your first day of activity thanks to the power of the easy brand.

An exclusive zone of +80K companies

Get exclusive access to a hyper-dynamic economic zone to develop your business.

A lead generation system

A portion of your leads is negotiated directly by headquarters through partnerships and framework agreements.

National communication campaigns

Take advantage of nationwide communications campaigns and generate leads, without doing anything.

All this, for one of the cheapest franchises on the market.

What does your future job involve?


Use the latest cutting-edge hardware to digitize properties, restaurants, museums… Bring spaces to life and deliver an immersive and unforgettable user experience to your customers


Transform raw virtual tours into captivating virtual experiences. Develop your virtual editing expertise and create fluid, interactive journeys that engage customers and highlight each space.


Expand your network and grow your business. Every day, you identify new opportunities, you will establish strategic partnerships and you will build customer loyalty.

Obtain recurring revenue with a unique business model.

Before easy, Vizion

“Before launching the franchise, Alexis, Clément and I built Vizion, a successful virtual tours company.

Based on this experience, we decided to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

We needed a strong brand image to become world leaders. We therefore partnered with the easy group.

We have documented and then compiled our entire adventure in the virtual tour sector to arrive at a method that works.

And today, it is this experience that we invite you to adopt by becoming an franchisee.

In short, by choosing our franchise, we know that you will do it, because we did it.”

– Léo, co-founder

What Vizion accomplished in less than 2 years.

+ 0 M

views on our projects


number of countries explored

+ 0


+ 0 K €

CA generated

You will do it, because we did it.

– Léo , co-founder

Alexis Murat

President of

Leo Bouyssou

General Director of

Clement Carrere

Franchise Director France

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Founder of easyJet, investor and board member

A price designed to be accessible

Initial investment

15K of which
  • 6K € entry ticket
  • 4K € of equipment
  • 5K €in working capital (recommended)

Nos prévisions

Année 1 : 50k€
Année 2 : 80k€
Année 3 : 110k€

Our Classes


Nous avons fait des prévisions réalistes pour vos premières années d’activité.

Basées sur nos performances, ces objectifs sont facilement atteignables grâce à un accompagnement qualifié.

Suivez le guide

C’est comme une recette de cuisine qu’il suffit de suivre. Et en plus on vous fourni les ingrédients…

On a documenté pour vous toutes les étapes à suivre pour atteindre ces paliers facilement.


Become an franchisee


Frequently asked questions

No, no prior experience is required to start your franchise. We are convinced that motivation and commitment are the keys to success. This is why we have implemented a comprehensive training program for all our new franchisees.

From the start, you will benefit from an intensive 4-day initial training to familiarize yourself with our tools, methods and the basics of the virtual tour market. This training is designed to give you a solid, practical understanding of the day-to-day management of your franchise and the services you will provide.

In addition to this initial training, we offer a continuing education program. This program is constantly updated to reflect the latest market trends and technologies, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the industry.

At, we are committed to supporting our franchisees at every stage of their development. We firmly believe that with our help and determination, you can launch and grow a successful franchise, regardless of your previous experience.

At, we are proud to offer one of the most accessible entry costs on the market for entrepreneurs looking to launch their franchise. The entry fee to start your franchise is €6,000, an investment designed to be as affordable as possible whilst ensuring you get off to a good start.

In addition to this cost of entry, you will need to invest in the equipment necessary to deliver quality virtual tours. Depending on the options and technology you choose, this will be an additional investment of 4,000.

Finally, we ask that you have €5,000 to invest in your company from the start, to ensure your working capital needs.

Our goal is to make the franchise accessible and profitable for our franchise partners, ensuring that initial costs remain reasonable to allow you to maximize your return on investment.

Following the signing of the contract, the launch can be done very quickly. Material is generally received within 2 to 3 weeks.

At, our support for franchisees goes well beyond a simple commercial transaction. We integrate you into the strength of our brand and give you access to powerful tools and software developed internally, designed to facilitate and optimize the management of your activity.

We strongly believe in the importance of community spirit. By joining our network, you’ll be connected with other franchisees and have access to dedicated experts who will help you navigate every aspect of your business, from technical to marketing.

To boost your visibility and growth, we produce targeted national communication campaigns to generate qualified leads. In addition, we negotiate national framework agreements for you which allow you to benefit from preferential rates and services.

Finally, we support you at every stage of your journey through in-depth and ongoing training. Whether it’s technology literacy, sales techniques or business management, we ensure you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and grow.

In short, is committed to being your growth partner, providing you with all the resources necessary to build a thriving and sustainable business.