Develop an innovative business: become an franchisee

Become a leader in virtual tours. Give yourself the freedom of enterprise with the security of an established and respected brand.

Member of the easy group, which includes easyJet.

Our franchise is for you if :

You can't get enough of the subway, work, sleep.

Embrace a dynamic professional life and make every day a new adventure, far from routine.

You want to achieve financial freedom.

Benefit from higher earning potential and a rewarding career where every effort really counts.

You often feel alone.

Join a close-knit community of franchisees where collaboration rhymes with sharing.

You really want to do business.

Embark on this fantastic adventure and enjoy all the benefits of entrepreneurship with constant support.

You're looking for a low-cost project.

Join an entrepreneurial adventure where risk is limited and impact is maximized.

Partners you can count on.

Don't depend on anyone

Become your own boss offers you the chance to break away from the daily routine with a flexible, autonomous career, where you are in control of your schedule and your professional choices.


Expand your business

Maximize your income potential

At, your hard work translates into financial results. Benefit from a dynamic revenue structure that rewards your performance and commitment.


Surround yourself

Join a community of committed franchisees

Join the private circle of franchisees and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs ready to help each other conquer the virtual tour market together.


An ultra-powerful brand

Become unforgettable from your very first day on the job, thanks to the power of the easy brand.

An exclusive zone of +80K companies

Get exclusive access to a hyper-dynamic economic zone to develop your business.

A lead generation system

Some of your leads are negotiated directly by head office through partnerships and framework agreements.

National communication campaigns

Take advantage of nationwide communication campaigns, and generate leads without doing anything.

All this, for one of the cheapest franchises on the market.

What does your future job involve?


Use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to digitize properties, restaurants, museums… Bring spaces to life and offer your customers an immersive, unforgettable user experience


Transform raw virtual tours into captivating virtual experiences. Develop your expertise in virtual editing and create fluid, interactive itineraries that appeal to customers and enhance each space.


Expand your network and grow your business. Every day, you’ll identify new opportunities, establish strategic partnerships and build customer loyalty.

Get recurring revenues with a unique business model.

Avant easy, Vizion

“Before launching the franchise, Alexis, Clément and I built Vizion, a successful virtual tour company.

Based on this experience, we decided to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

We needed a strong brand image to become world leaders. So we teamed up with the easy group.

We’ve documented and compiled our entire adventure in the virtual tour sector to come up with a method that works.

And today, it’s this experience that we invite you to adopt by becoming an franchisee.

In short by choosing our franchise, we know you’ll do it, because we’ve done it.”

Léo, co-founder of

What Vizion has achieved in less than 2 years.

+ 0 M

of views on our projects


number of countries explored

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+ 0 K €

Sales generated

You'll do it, because we've done it.

Léo, co-founder of

Alexis Murat

Chairman of


Léo Bouyssou

Managing Director,


Clément Carrere

Franchise Director France


Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Founder of easyJet, investor and board member


A price designed to be affordable

Initial investment

15K of which
  • 6K € entry fee
  • 4K € of equipment
  • 5K € in working capital (recommended)

Our forecasts

Year 1: €50k
Year 2: €80k
Year 3: €110k

Our Classes


We have made realistic forecasts for your first years of business.

Based on our performance, these objectives are easily achievable thanks to qualified support.

Follow the guide

It’s like a recipe you just have to follow. What’s more, we supply the ingredients…

We’ve documented all the steps you need to take to reach these milestones with ease.


Become an franchisee


Frequently asked questions

No, no prior experience is required to start your franchise. We are convinced that motivation and commitment are the keys to success. That’s why we’ve set up a comprehensive training program for all our new franchisees.

Right from the start, you’ll benefit from an intensive 4-day initial training course to familiarize you with our tools, methods and the basics of the virtual tour market. This training course is designed to give you a solid, practical understanding of the day-to-day management of your franchise and the services you will provide.

In addition to this initial training, we offer a continuing education program. This program is constantly updated to reflect the latest market trends and technologies, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the industry.

At, we’re committed to supporting our franchisees at every stage of their development. We firmly believe that with our help and your determination, you can launch and develop a successful franchise, whatever your previous experience.

At, we’re proud to offer one of the most affordable entry costs on the market for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their franchise. The entry fee to start your franchise is €6,000, an investment designed to be as affordable as possible while ensuring you get off to a good start.

In addition to this entry cost, you’ll need to invest in the equipment necessary to offer quality virtual tours. Depending on the options and technology you choose, this will represent an additional investment of 4,000.

Finally, we ask that you have €5,000 to invest in your company right from the start, to ensure your working capital requirements.

Our aim is to make the franchise accessible and profitable for our franchise partners, ensuring that initial costs remain reasonable to enable you to maximize your return on investment.

Once the contract has been signed, the launch can take place very quickly. Equipment is generally delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.

At, our support for franchisees goes far beyond a simple business transaction. We integrate you into the strength of our brand and give you access to high-performance tools and software developed in-house, designed to facilitate and optimize the management of your business.

We strongly believe in the importance of community spirit. By joining our network, you’ll be connected with other franchisees and have access to dedicated experts who’ll help you navigate every aspect of your business, from technical to marketing.

To boost your visibility and growth, we produce targeted national communication campaigns to generate qualified leads. What’s more, we negotiate national framework agreements on your behalf, enabling you to benefit from preferential rates and services.

Finally, we support you every step of the way with in-depth, ongoing training. Whether it’s technology skills, sales techniques or business management, we make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and grow.

In short, is committed to being your growth partner, providing you with all the resources you need to build a thriving, sustainable business.