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Lower entry costs, expense savings, network awareness… becoming a virtual tour franchise is a real advantage.

You want to generate more than €80,000 in sales,

With little start-up capital? Join as a franchisee to :

3D virtual tour franchise: why choose our agency?

Becoming a 3D virtual tour franchise is a source of performance for both your business and your customers.

At, we can provide you with all the resources you need to set up in a region. In this way, you can develop your business while remaining legally and financially independent.

Cheaper than setting up your own business, benefiting from geographical exclusivity, taking advantage of our brand’s reputation, superior quality resources passed on to all our franchisees… Discover the advantages of joining the network.


360° video franchise: [moins coûteux] than setting up a structure

Joining our network of franchisees is financially attractive, compared to setting up an entire structure. To be able to offer your customers immersive, interactive virtual tours under our agency’s name, you’ll need to make certain investments. Total start-up costs are between €11,600 and €14,000.

Entry costs

= 6 000 €

Camera and professional equipment

= from €2,000 to €6,000

Initial working capital

= 5 000 € network: [notoriété] of the brand and the group

The reputation of the network you’re joining, and the international renown of easyGroup (easyJet, easyBus…), are real lead vectors for your company. Our main objective at is to bring recurring business to our network members, targeting professionals in all business sectors, such as :
  • Real estate agencies: new properties to promote and show on a regular basis
  • Food retailers: constantly changing standards and the need for training
  • Health: training for temporary workers and nursing staff working in their establishments
  • Culture and Art: with changing exhibitions, showcasing different works and artists
  • Hotels and catering: reservations for professional and private events, numerous spaces to model, etc.

These companies/establishments recognize evolving needs and require constant visibility in order to convert, recruit, train…

Strong values: [partagées] with our network of franchisees

Innovation, ambition, accessibility, transparency and excellence are the values we share with all customers and franchisees. By joining our network, you :

Make it accessible

locations in your region, to each individual and from anywhere in the world

Encourage tourism

in your geographical area

Let your customers

achieve their objectives franchisees: [indépendance] and geographical exclusivity

Financially and legally independent, you benefit from geographic exclusivity. This means that no other franchise will be able to set up in your area. In this way, your company will be able to seize all the opportunities offered by the latter.

You have total autonomy in managing your business and your customers. Our experts are on hand to provide support and guidance whenever you need it.

Resources from [qualité] : passed on to our franchises

Skills, knowledge, use cases, technologies, partnerships… all the resources you need are available to you, thanks to :


An initial 4-day training course to provide you with all the knowledge you need to get your business up and running.


High-performance software enables you to offer quality services at competitive prices

Operating manual

A detailed operating manual so you can keep all the steps and concepts at your fingertips.


A complete portfolio of use cases and examples of customer needs, by sector of activity

Price list

A price list listing all the services offered by the network, along with the associated rates.

Service provider network

A network of service providers offering preferential rates, leading to financial savings

Advantageous partnerships

Advantageous partnerships like Google Ads

Miscellaneous documents

Documents outlining the company's graphic charter, national communication campaigns and the annual event to which you are invited...

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These resources let you benefit from the experience of our experienced photographers and editors, who admit to a certain knowledge of their craft. Having produced 360° videos for a wide range of industries with different needs, they have been instrumental in the evolution of the offering. Continuous technological monitoring also enables professionals to adapt to constantly meet their challenges and achieve their objectives: growth, brand awareness, conversion, visibility…

Thanks to the transmission of this knowledge and these resources, your offer evolves to propose innovative solutions, innovative formats and services capable of making places, monuments and establishments all over the world accessible and visible. network: a source of profit for your business

Although you have franchise status, you remain financially and legally independent. Our experts will provide you with all the resources you need to set up in your region.

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