360 pro tour : promotion, conversion, training and recruitment

An immersive, interactive 360° pro tour lets you promote your facilities, attract talent and convert prospects.

Tailor-made 360° tours for companies, created and set up by easyVirtual.tours

Can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world.
Thanks to our agency, your prospects can immerse themselves in your :

Awareness-raising, training, promotion, conversion or recruitment, trust our agency to make your project a reality, whatever your sector of activity!

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Pro and interactive virtual tours: promotion and conversion

Our experts will listen to you in order to bring your 360° video project to life and understand your objectives.
A professional virtual tour, compared to a 2D site, allows you to :


Extend your geographical reach :

thanks to virtual immersion, accessible from anywhere in the world


Encourage accessibility to your site:

by people with disabilities


Optimize your conversion tunnel :

engagement increases significantly thanks to a high-quality virtual tour


Quickly convert your prospects:

by placing interactions on certain strategic points

Create a 3D video, [adaptée] to suit your objectives

After identifying your wishes, needs and objectives, our experts visit the location you wish to enhance.


They perform multiple scans thanks to their expertise and top-quality professional equipment. The shots are then assembled during the editing phase to give life to the first version of your 360° video.

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Depending on the surface area and the difficulty of the shots, this stage takes between 1 and 3 months.


We then visualize your virtual tour and discuss the interactions and options you'd like to add to it.

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Different depending on your sector of activity, they are designed to convert your prospects quickly, thanks to a click or hover over strategic points located in the 3D video of your location.


We offer you the interactions that best convert your business and boost your return on investment.

Inclusion of interactions, sources of [conversions]

Our interactive company visitsare tailor-made to help you achieve your objectives: visibility, sales, registrations, reservations… Depending on your objectives, we can offer you adapted interaction points, such as :

Each company has its own conversion [propre tunnel].

At easyVirtual.tours, we are committed to encouraging your sales, contacts and reservations… but not only that. Not only do we enable you to increase engagement and make the places you model accessible to everyone, from anywhere in the world, but we also significantly boost your ROI.

Our services save you precious time by optimizing all your time-consuming and energy-intensive processes/tasks.

Integration of your 3D tour, a source of [visibilité]

The integration of a Google Street View virtual tour for a business, Google Maps and Google Business Profile, is a source of visibility on search engines.

In fact, some of the innovative, immersive 360° tours created by easyVirtual.tours have generated several hundred thousand additional views following their integration on various Google platforms.

This in turn promotes your company’s ranking on this search engine, attracting prospects and converting them. We’ll also provide you with all the resources you need to integrate your company’s 360° video into your website, marketing and communication materials, and social networks.

Corporate virtual tours: awareness-raising and training

An in-company virtual tour also enables you to raise awareness and train your future employees/collaborators. In some sectors, recruitment processes are continuous, time-consuming and require heavy financial investment.

easyVirtual.tours, a provider of [confiance]
Choose easyVirtual.tours as an immersive visit provider, you can offer access to training modules integrated into your site visit, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether you work in the health, hotel, restaurant or safety sectors, these training courses will help you raise awareness of the :
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These in-house training modules can be included in a virtual company tour. The same visit can be viewed by thousands of individuals who frequently pass through your premises, establishments, places of business… whatever your field. This means that trainers are less frequently needed. An immersive tour of your business premises will reduce the time and energy required for training, as well as the associated financial outlay.

Virtual tour for professionals: employer branding and recruitment

Using avatars included in your 360° video, our experts enable you to :

A virtual tour for professionals

It also facilitates the recruitment of new recruits.

In fact, certain options can be added to the 3D modeling of your company, to enhance your employer brand.

For companies with high staff turnover

Virtual tours of easyVirtual.tours companies make your day-to-day life easier, boost your ROI and optimize your time with :
Discover all the benefits
  • Modules adapted and regularly updated to reflect changes in standards, procedures, safety regulations, etc. ;
  • Modeling avatars to conduct guided tours in place of HR staff;
  • Reduced payroll and financial savings ;
  • Free up staff time for other tasks;
  • Promoting your company’s values of innovation and inclusion;
  • Accessibility of your premises by all individuals, worldwide;
  • Attracting the best profiles on the job market;

Reduce the investment needed for recruitment and training: in-house training courses can be dematerialized and distributed to a large number of employees, with full information on the layout of the premises, the procedures to be followed, the safety procedures to be followed, etc.

Become a franchisee to offer 360° virtual tours to businesses

Because 360° virtual tours of companiesare a real advantage, whatever the industry, easyVirtual.tours offers you the opportunity to become a franchisee of our agency. This will enable you to propose our offer to companies in your area.

Become an easyVirtual.tours franchisee

To enable museums, car garages, training organizations, healthcare facilities, etc. to :

Offer 360° videos under the name easyVirtual.tours

So that your customers can achieve their conversion, training and recruitment objectives, while promoting and enhancing the value of their company!